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Natec Owl privacy filter is a special screen panel for laptop or computer that fulfills the important function of protecting personal data and confidential information. At work or public place like coffee shop or at the airport we want to keep our display content away from prying eyes. However we all should be aware of visual hacking which is very common problem this days.

Privacy filters are the ideal solution for safeguarding your sensitive information.


How does our Natec Owl privacy filter work?

It looks like an ordinary plastic sheet that protects our screen from scratches. However we can compare it to traditional window blinds. Innovative microlouver technology makes it difficult or even impossible for someone to see the screen without being directly in front of the display. Users won't be able to see a screen from a 30-degree angle on both sides. Now you don’t have to worry  about shoulder surfers.


Besides the privacy abilites, Natec Owl will also protect your sight reducing blue light transmission from the display.

One side of the filter has a matte finish to maximise glare reduction, while the other is glossy, providing even more screen clarity.


Thin, flexible filter adds an extra layer of durable protection from everyday scratches and dust. Natec Owl features the same benefits as a regular screen protector. It is scratch resistant, preserves 100% touch sensitivity and reduces fingerprint and smudge-marks.


Natec Owl privacy filter can be installed to our device in two ways depending on our preferences. Using slide mounting hooks, privacy filter can be easily attached to the side of the display allowing to slide the filter on and off the screen any time as needed. Invisible method for those who doesn’t plan on removing their filter form computer screen, the attachment double sided ashesive attachments are better option.


Size 16:9
Screen diagonal 13.3 ''
Width 293.9 mm
Length 165.5 mm