About Us


We are a manufacturer of computer accessories and consumer electronics. We want our devices to meet expectations and have a positive impact on the everyday life of our users. We have been delivering our solutions to consumers in most European countries for over 10 years, becoming an increasingly recognisable brand.



Our mission

In our activities, we focus on the availability of high-end technology and accessories that will meet the expectations of modern users so that everyone can benefit from current technological advances and thus facilitate their daily lives, as technology should be a response to people's natural expectations. Our slogan: “Natural born technology” is a reflection of these ideas.


In the Natec brand portfolio, our users will find: computer accessories such as mouses, pads, keyboards or headsets, as well as everyday consumer electronics and accessories, including mobile speakers, microphones, card readers, laptop bags, cases and backpacks. Our offer is growing fast, covering almost all European markets and beyond.

Development together with the user

By expanding our offer, we always place the expectations of people first. We are happy to hear advice and we cooperate with opinion leaders, portals and industry editors. Our products take part in numerous tests and reviews. When preparing new products, we are open to various forms of cooperation and suggestions from users.