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  • ultra-flat and soft „chocolate” style keys
  • modern design
  • protective layer on the keys preventing keys inscriptions from being worn off
  • (pu coating)
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • 5 extra keys (Search, Calculator, Tab, E-mail, Space)


Slim numeric keypad Natec Goby is the perfect complement to smaller laptops that lack the numeric keypad row. The keyboard's functionality will work well when working in spreadsheets or in financial applications. Thanks to the Plug & Play function, the keyboard is ready for use as soon as it is connected to the computer, the system will automatically install the necessary drivers.


All keys in Natec Goby have been covered with a protective layer to prevent inscription abrasion. Low-profile and quiet "chocolate" keys have been placed on the durable membrane mechanism, giving the keyboard a modern look


Natec Goby keyboard is equipped with 5 practical keyboard shortcuts to facilitate the work of accountants operating on a large range of numerical data. Its small dimensions mean that it doesn't take up much space on the desk, and the rubber non-slip feet prevent it from moving, which increases the comfort of work


Included Accessories User guide
Layout Numeric
Specialized Universal
Weight 150 g
Material ABS
Colour Black
Number of multimedia keys 4
Number of keys 23
Communication Wired
Illumination No
Key mechanism Membrane
Cable length 145 cm
Connectors USB Type-A
Profile Low
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Android 4.2.2
Multimedia keys Yes
Height 27 mm
Width 90 mm
Length 149 mm