SNAIL 8,5"


Natec Snail 8.5" is a cutting-edge device for making quick notes, calculations and drawings without wasting valuable paper. Its high-quality LCD screen, a wealth of functionalities and ergonomic design make it perfect for home, office and school use, making note-taking a pleasant experience everywhere.

Length 225 mm
Width 145 mm
Screen diagonal 8.5 ''
Battery CR2025
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Natec Snail is an innovative graphic tablet that will find many uses in your home. It will successfully replace traditional paper notebooks, saving you money in the long run and contributing to environmental sustainability. The tablet will enable your children to be creative and have fun, letting them develop their imagination in a safe way.


Tired of making your kids learn? Reach for a modern sketchbook, thanks to which you will make the classes more interesting and encourage children to work independently. Letters, numbers or maybe English? You are only limited by your imagination!


The small size of the device means that you can always have the tablet at hand, which will allow you to pour your spontaneous thoughts onto it at any time. The ultra-thin and lightweight (90g) design will be comfortably held even in the smallest hands, which will guarantee children the carefree fun they need.


Say goodbye to pages scattered around your home that are never there where you need them. With the digital notebook you can make an infinite number of notes, and thanks to the delete button you can easily get rid of them, leaving yourself room for new ideas. A dedicated delete button lock will allow you to store your notes without worrying about deleting the content by inadvertently pressing the key.


The pressure detection function is a great diversification of drawing and writing. Thanks to it, you will create a line of the intended thickness, which will also be perfectly reproduced. It is a tool that will free a little Picasso in every child and allow them to create fascinating sketches.


The tablet is equipped with an extremely durable LCD screen. The display is perfectly sharp and has an amazing response to touch. Appropriate screen brightness will not tire the user's eyes, so you can use the tablet without worrying about your health and your loved ones.


A high-quality stylus was attached to the tablet, which will successfully replace the tools needed for art work and creating notes - pencils, pens, crayons and markers. Its construction is similar to that of a pen, which allows for efficient use of the accessory. With the stylus you can easily create the necessary notes and teach your child to hold the pen correctly.


The digital sketchbook has built-in magnets located on the back of the housing. Thanks to this, you can hang a shopping list, important notes or a card from your child on the refrigerator. While learning, you can hang the tablet on the blackboard to help you create notes or interest your child.


Length 225 mm
Width 145 mm
Screen diagonal 8.5 ''
Battery CR2025