For those who need more than just another laptop bag, Natec created SHEEPDOG with its professional design, functionality, and care for a quality.

Number of outer pockets 2
Compartments Laptop, Documents, Accesories
Type Bag
Specialized Laptops
Weight 1450 g
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Designed for carrying laptops up to 19" Natec Sheepdog is perfect to keep your device safe while you are on the go. With number of functionalities it also allows to store a large number of office and electronic accessories.

Elegant and stylish in black colour with velour elements, it perfectly completes everyday look on the way to work or on business trips.


Natec Sheepdog is designed to guarantee maximum protection for carried items. The main compartment equipped with a built-in shock absorber and two fastening straps help to keep your laptop secure inside the case during transport.

Its lockable zippers enable you to protect your laptop against theft.  


The main compartment is equipped with a Velcro fastening pocket, a slip-in document section and functional holders for office accessories to keep all things organised.

Two additional zipped pockets at the front provide space for cables or items you want to have always at hand.

Documents can be stored in an roomy easy-access zipped compartment on the back.

A small zipped pocket at the trolley belt can serve a place for valuable items such as wallet or mobile.


For comfortable travel Natec Sheepdog is equipped with an adjustable soft-padded shoulder strap, a trolley-belt and a strong carry handle covered with a smooth and soft cushioning.

Rubber stands give extra durability, ensure moisture protection and keep the bag stable on the ground.  


Number of outer pockets 2
Compartments Laptop, Documents, Accesories
Type Bag
Specialized Laptops
Weight 1450 g
Inner Width 65 mm
Inner Height 355 mm
Inner Length 465 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 385 mm
Length 500 mm
Maximum static load 7 kg
Protections Anti-Shock System
Construction System Trolley, Shoulder belt
Colour Black
Pockets 2
Compartments 2
Material Nylon 1680D
Dedicated size 19 "