Nowadays, we are more and more often faced with a need to carry our personal computer.
The computer is necessary at work, university and also during business and private trips. Therefore, a laptop bag is the obvious choice.

Number of outer pockets 2
Compartments Mobile phone, Laptop, Documents, Accesories
Type Bag
Specialized Laptops
Weight 900 g


Natec Gazelle is a perfect combination of functionality, convenience and solutions that give maximum security to our laptop.
An important advantage of the bag, which will be appreciated especially by those who travel a lot, is the use of the trolley system. It will allow you to easily attach the bag to the handle of your travel suitcase, ensuring the convenience of transport and safety of the carried equipment.
Gazelle is also a modern stylish design that will make its owner stand out. The method of sewing used in the bag is the so-called Spot Nylon, which determines its modern design.
In combination with stylish colour scheme, Gazelle perfectly fits in modern trends in design. These features make it a good choice for dynamic and modern people.


The interior of the Gazelle bag is divided into three capacious main compartment and additional pockets in the front part.
In the main middle pocket we find a special Velcro closure for a laptop. We can also easily fit the power supply, mouse and other accessories there.
In addition, in a separate pocket, we can place the necessary documents, and in the front compartment we will find an organiser, thanks to which all accessories and personal items will find their place.
The bag is made entirely of good quality nylon, which is characterised by high durability, abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. In key places, such as the bottom of the bag, a double layer of the fabric was used, and the laptop pocket was additionally reinforced with soft foam.
The attached shoulder strap is characterised by a solid workmanship and a soft finish with elements of artificial leather at the point of adherence to the body. Buckles and zips are also made of metal elements. It definitely increases the comfort of carrying the bag and its durability.


Number of outer pockets 2
Compartments Mobile phone, Laptop, Documents, Accesories
Type Bag
Specialized Laptops
Weight 900 g
Inner Width 80 mm
Inner Height 280 mm
Inner Length 390 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 290 mm
Length 400 mm
Maximum static load 7 kg
Construction System Trolley, Shoulder belt
Colour Black
Pockets 3
Material Nylon 600D
Compartments 2
Dedicated size 15.6 "