The Natec Turbot keyboard is a combination of elegance, functionality and durability. It allows to save space on your desk at work, and you can use it while sitting on your favourite sofa at home.
The sturdy aluminium enclosure not only looks stylish, but it is also pleasant to the touch.

Actuation force 55 g
Actuation point 2 mm
Response time 8 ms
Included Accessories User guide
Layout US
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Natec Turbot is a wireless multimedia keyboard designed to work with Smart TVs. Designed for those who value comfort and relax. Sit back in the chair, turn on the TV and grab the Natec Turbot keyboard. Managing your entertainment takes on a whole new meaning!



The keyboard is equipped with low-profile keys made with X-Scissor technology. This technology is commonly used in Ultrabook keyboards and allows for quiet typing experience. The device is silent, which ensures comfort of use and discretion.


Thanks to the comfortable touch pad, you don't need to use a separate mouse. The add-on allows you to control gestures, and also has a physical left and right mouse button to provide users with an intuitive operation of the device.


The keyboard is very energy efficient, meaning you won’t have to charge it very frequently. In addition, the device has been equipped with a battery status indicator, thanks to which the Turbot will not surprise you with a sudden low battery.



To ensure the durability of the print, the buttons are covered with a protective layer that successfully prevents the letters from rubbing off. Thanks to this, the keyboard will look like new for a long time, and the prints will always remain where they should be.


The Natec Turbot keyboard is compatible with most Smart TV operating systems, so you don't have to worry about whether it will work with your TV. The keyboard also works with; Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.


For even greater comfort, the Natec Turbot has been equipped with rubber feet. Thanks to this, the keyboard will always stay in place and will not slide over the surface. This gives you full control of the device, even during dynamic movements.


Natec Turbot is equipped with a nano receiver with a range of 10 meters. Thanks to this, the device allows you to freely operate the TV from anywhere in the room. Use the keyboard in a convenient place and don't worry about any interference or being out of range!


The Natec Turbot multimedia keyboard has been designed with comfort in mind. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can comfortably lie down on the couch or sit at the table and easily manage your entertainment using the keyboard. In addition, its small dimensions ensure mobility and ease of transport.


In addition to a range of functionalities, the keyboard offers a timeless, classic design. Elegant black colour will match any interior. Thanks to this, the device will play the role of a subtle addition and will not stand out.


The keyboard is finished with an extremely durable aluminium material. The durable construction is designed to keep the user working, even after an unwanted drop. Thanks to this, you can safely move the keyboard around the house and use it on any surface.


Actuation force 55 g
Actuation point 2 mm
Response time 8 ms
Included Accessories User guide
Layout US
Specialized Smart TV
Weight 400 g
Height 11 mm
Width 129 mm
Length 355 mm
Additional features Plug&Play
Power supply 2x AAA
Range 10 m
Material Metall, ABS
Colour Silver, Black
Number of multimedia keys 12
Number of keys 83
Communication Wireless 2.4 GHz
Illumination No
Key mechanism X-Scissors
Connectors USB Type-A
Profile Low
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, MAC, Android 4.2.2
Multimedia keys Yes