Natec Discus is an elegant and functional multimedia keyboard with an ultra-flat profile, which is perfect for both office space and home use. An ultra-flat profile, compact size and membrane key mechanism are enclosed in a slim and elegant housing.

An additional advantage of the Discus keyboard is quiet operation, which will be appreciated not only by the user, but also by their colleagues.

Included Accessories User guide
Layout US
Specialized Universal
Weight 835 g
Material Plastic


In modern office space, elegance and space planning are becoming increasingly important; this applies not only to furniture, but also to devices such as computer accessories.
The Natec Discus keyboard fits this trend by offering a slim and elegant design. White colours and a clear layout of keys in the “bar of chocolate” style make the keyboard attractive and easy to operate.


A slim and compact housing is not everything - when combined with a low profile, it makes the keyboard very handy and pleasant to use.
The keys are also characterised by fast response and quiet operation, which is their advantage without a doubt.
In addition, the letters on the keys are covered with a layer of UV varnish, which significantly prolongs their resistance to abrasion.


The Discus keyboard is equipped with 12 keys with multimedia functions from F1 to F12. Thanks to this, it will not only be functional in the office, but also at home ,e.g. supporting Smart TV.
The device is made of durable components, while facilities such as rubber feet improve the comfort of work in all conditions.


Included Accessories User guide
Layout US
Specialized Universal
Weight 835 g
Material Plastic
Illumination No
Colour White
Number of multimedia keys 12
Number of keys 104
Communication Wired
Key mechanism Membrane
Cable length 150 cm
Connectors USB Type-A
Profile Low
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Android 4.2.2
Multimedia keys Yes
Height 25 mm
Width 125 mm
Length 438 mm