Date of publication: 08.11.2018

Natec Universe is the perfect mouse pad for anyone who loves looking at the night sky.

Inspiring Mouse Pad

The main feature of Natec Universe is a unique print showing stars and constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres at any time of the year. The mousepad also features visualizations of the Solar System and the Milky Way. Additionally, Natec Universe features useful astronomical data: the brightest and closest stars and galaxies, astronomical units and data about the Milky Way. Thus, the mouse pad not only facilitates the use of the mouse, but also helps in work, study or play. Translated with (free version) 

XXL size

Thanks to its large size (800x400mm) not only a mouse but also a keyboard will fit on the pad. The pad protects your desk from damage, and thanks to its excellent quality it will serve you for a long time.  


The top layer made of waterproof fabric ensures high precision of tracking optical and laser mouse movements and reduces friction against the surface. The pad is also equipped with an anti-slip layer on the bottom, which prevents the product from sliding. The hemmed edges of the mouse pad protect it from damage.