A new stellar Natec Universe pad inspiration

Responding to the needs of consumers and surprising them with novelties, Natec has introduced a sensational NatecUniverse mouse pad included in the collection of functional pads with wonderful and timeless designs.

No matter if you are an astronomer, an astronaut, or maybe even a romantic and a dreamer, Natec Universe is the perfect mouse pad for all night sky enthusiasts.
The main distinctive feature of Natec Universe is its unique printing presenting stars and constellations in the northern and southern hemisphere at any time of the year. The pad also shows a visualisation of the Solar System and the Milky Way. What is more, you can find some useful astronomical data on Natec Universe, including the brightest and closest stars and galaxies, astronomical units, as well as information concerning the Milky Way. Thanks to these features, the pad not only facilitates the use of the mouse, but also assists you while you work, learn or play.

The large size of the pad (800x400mm) will easily accommodate not only the mouse, but also the keyboard. The pad protects the desk top against damage, serving the user for a long time thanks to its excellent quality of workmanship.

The top layer made of waterproof fabric ensures high precision tracking of optical and laser mouse movements and reduces surface friction. The pad is also equipped with an anti-slip layer on the bottom that prevents the product from moving. The knitted edges of the pad protect it from damage.