Date of publication: 10.06.2019

Every one of us appreciates simplicity and convenience. It definitely makes the work we do easier. Well-chosen equipment is the basis. We have an answer for that!

Ultra slim profile

Natec Swordfish is an ideal solution for those looking for a modern keyboard for home or office use. The keyboard has an ultra slim profile and low keys, which makes it not take up much space and work on it is quiet and comfortable. In addition, the keys are covered with a protective layer that prevents the writing from rubbing off.

Functional and elegant

The keyboard is equipped with multimedia keys and volume controller, so you can easily control and manage your work in a modern office or at home. Natec Swordfish is a model that offers functionality for maximum comfort of work.

Precision of operation and speed of tasks performed give you the opportunity to work regardless of the time of day.