Date of publication: 19.10.2018

Laptops have a common problem – weak, quiet speakers. But it’s an easy issue to solve. All you need is external speakers.

The solution is simple, yet we still have to remember about power. When looking for external laptop speakers, you should consider buying those which are powered through a USB port.

Optimal sound quality

Natec Lynx is a new model designed mainly for office use. Two two-way speakers are equipped with 40 mm transducers, pretty large for such a compact form. Another characteristic feature of the device are additional, vibrating membranes located in the sides, which are supposed to increase the quality of low tones. The combined power of the set is 6 W, which is a satisfactory value for speakers of this class. 

Modern design

The Lynx case is made of plastic and the front is covered with impressive, brushed plastic, which gives it a modern and interesting look. The power cord is 1.5 m long and the connection cable – 130 cm. This allows the user to conveniently place the speakers anywhere on the desk. 

The Natec Lynx is powered through USB. The manufacturer says that it is great for any purpose, for example when used with a laptop. When connected to a powerbank, the speakers can be used with a mobile phone. Natec Lynx uses the typical 3.5 mm mini-jack port to send receive the signal.