Date of publication: 17.06.2019

It’s not important if we work at home or in the office, but we often operate a huge data base that can be confidential. The requirements put forward by legislation or contractors make every employee or owner of the company pay attention to safety. Also in case of the documents destruction.


The high level of functionality

The shredder allows you to quickly, easily, and the most important, safely get rid of unnecessary documents, with no risk of data breach. High power, speed, precise cutting on small pieces and protection system DIN P-3, these are the main advantages of Beaver shredders. Additional features such as automatic start and paper reverse capability, adjustable capacity and simple operation are valuable additions to these devices. Shredders provide trouble-free work not only at the home, but also work well in a big office. They allow you to destroy a huge amount of documents and unnecessary paper.

Precision is its main feature

The most important feature of good shredders is efficient and durable document destruction. The Beaver shredder guarantees a high level of security, thanks to the use of knives that cut the paper into pieces of 5x40 mm (office model and Office +), which is a much better way than is known in standard shredders strips of paper. The shredder allows you to shred up to 5 sheets (Home model) and to 9 sheets of paper at the same time (Office and Office +models). The operating cycle of the device lasts 2 minutes.


The shredders are provided with an automatic Start/Stop function and overheat protection. In addition, thanks to the possibility of reverse the paper, you can eliminate annoying cases of jamming documents in the process of destruction.